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How to Take Care of a Down Comforter

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Having a quality down comforter is one of the coziest items you’ll ever own and one that deserves a little bit of extra care and attention. While many people assume that the best care for a down comforter is to have it dry cleaned, this isn’t always necessary.

Down is the fine feathers of a bird which are found under the harder outside layers, meaning they’re ideal for creating a soft and luxurious material for inside your comforter. With quality down bedding, you’re able to trap in the much-needed heat and comfort as you sleep.

Although there are down alternative comforters available, these are often inferior in quality. While you do pay more for a goose down style, these are known to last for many years with the right care and love given.

Because these feathers are quite fine, caring for a down comforter is not as simple as throwing it into the washing machine with your regular load. There are some recommended techniques for both washing and drying your down comforter to ensure it lasts many years in the very best condition.

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How to Care for Your Down Comforter Every Day

Whether you have a down comforter king size or something smaller, the small down feathers inside will all be the same. Part of what makes them so soft and warm to sleep with is also what makes them tough to care for. As they are so delicate, you need to ensure they don’t clump together or become stuck over time.

According to Martha Stewart, the best thing you can do to care for your goose down comforter is to keep it aired out regularly. Every few months, take the cover from your down comforter and hang it out to dry in the sun and air. If you can achieve this on a windy day, it will be even more effective.

Just by taking a few extra precautions and hanging it out in regular air, you should only need to perform a deep clean or dry clean on your comforter every few years. If you decide not to have it professionally cleaned, there are a few techniques you can try yourself at home.

How Should You Wash Your Comforter?

Before deciding if you want to have your down comforter dry cleaned or attempt to do it at home, always check the label to see what is recommended by the manufacturer. As all comforters were not created equally there may be special recommendations for your bedding.

If you’re not confident in your abilities to wash your comforter correctly, many people choose to take them to a dry cleaner for this. As you’ll only need to perform a thorough clean every few years you should barely notice the additional cost.

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The Best Washing and Drying Tips for Down

If you’ve decided that you want to wash your comforter at home, you’ll need to ensure you have the necessary machinery. For a down comforter queen or king size, you’ll need an economy sized washing machine to fit this in.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, most household washers and dryers can’t handle this large size. However, you’ll simply need to take your comforter to the local laundromat and find a front loading machine that can handle this size load.

Before placing your blanket in the wash, remove the down comforter covers and do a thorough check for any holes or rips, no matter how small. Just the slightest tear can cause your entire blanket to become ruined, so ensure these have been patched up before cleaning.

If washing at home, you’ll need to set your washer to the most delicate setting. Before placing in the washing machine, treat any obvious stains with a dedicated stain remover first. Once you’ve placed your comforter in the wash, add one or two flip-flops or a rubber ball to the mix. This will simply help the down to stay even during the cycle and prevent it from clumping up.

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When the wash is complete, take just as much care and attention as you did for the washing stage. Place your down comforter into the dyer, along with your flip-flops or other rubber shoes, and place it on the lowest setting. Every now and then, remove it from the dryer to allow it to cool down before placing back in.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Down Comforter Clean

Owning a down comforter can be quite a big step for some, particularly if you’re used to sleeping with regular blankets and sheets. However, the first night you use your down comforter you will likely wonder how you lived without it, and be happy that you put in a little extra care to keep it feeling full and healthy.

There are many benefits to be experienced from keeping your down comforter clean, including:

Reduced Risk of Allergy

As our bedding is known to harbor many different allergens and dust mites, it’s essential we keep them as clean as possible. By providing a regular airing of your down comforter you can clear out any unwanted allergens that may be causing you hay fever.

Clean Your Bed Frequently

Longer Life of Comforter

By taking care of your comforter, you’re able to extend its life significantly. A quality goose down comforter should be able to last up to 15 years, meaning you won’t need to purchase any other bedding in that time.

Increased Thermal Capabilities

With evenly distributed feathers, your down comforter is going to provide a more effective thermal layer to help keep you warm as you sleep, and will be more comfortable to use.

Overall, having a well-cared for down comforter will significantly improve the quality of your sleep and leave you feeling more refreshed and energized than with inferior blanket types.

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