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How Finding the Best Bedding Can Improve Your Sleep

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The key to a good day is a good night’s sleep, and a good night’s sleep can only be achieved with the very best bedding to suit your needs. While some might think it’s sufficient to use any old pillow or comforter, there is actually a science behind all of our bedding options and why some of them are more conducive to a decent rest.

Your pillows, comforters, mattresses, and bed sheets, are all crucial factors to be considered when planning your bedroom. Each of these should suit your specific needs as well as the environment you live in, to ensure you’re getting the very best sleep each night.

With the right bedding choices and a bedroom that has been designed and organized to be your very own personal haven, you’re eliminating the likelihood of experiencing insomnia or other trouble sleep disruptions.

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Finding the best bedding doesn’t need to be a challenge, though, with a few simple things to look out for in each of these items. The benefits of being well rested have been documented for many years and the best way to achieve this is with quality bedding to suit your body type.

Why is a Decent Sleep so Important?

There’s no denying how good you feel upon waking from a full night of sleep. Our minds are clearer, our spirits are high, and we feel like we have enough physical energy to tackle anything the day will throw at us. Achieving a good sleep can be hard for some, though, so that’s why using the best bedding is an important first step in staying well rested.

There are many health benefits to getting enough sleep, both short and long term, including:

After Good Night Sleep

Better Immune System

People who don’t get enough sleep have a more suppressed immune system than those who reach their recommended levels, which can leave you open to contracting more colds and flus.

Increased Ability to Remember and Learn

When we sleep, our brains are busy storing the information we learned each day so we can recollect it at a later time. In addition, without a decent sleep at night, we are more likely to be confused and accident prone, making it hard to learn anything new.

Better Weight Control

There are a few ways in which sleep helps to maintain a healthy weight. Firstly, with increased energy you’re more likely to stick to an exercise plan and prepare healthy meals. Secondly, a lack of sleep causes your blood sugar levels to become unregulated which makes you reach for high carbohydrate food options.

More Energy

There’s no denying the restorative powers of sleep, whether it’s a simple afternoon nap or a full eight hours of rest. Sleep allows our bodies to recover and repair, while conserving energy that we can use the following day. When you are well rested, you feel more physically and mentally energized to handle the entire day.

Good Sleep Gives You Energy for All Day

Begin by examining your pillow, comforter, mattress, and sheets to see if these are giving you the best chance to have a full night’s sleep. A little investment into selecting quality products will give you years of comfortable sleep and all of the benefits which come along with it.

The Importance of a Good Pillow

As the things we lay our heads on each night, our pillows are a fairly important part of the bedding configuration. As each person has their own favorite sleeping positions or pillow firmness, there’s no one style that is going to suit everyone. However, selecting a pillow that can provide adequate neck support is crucial, no matter the design.

According to WebMD, your pillow will directly influence how much sleep you get, the quality of your sleep, and the health of your body as you do so, making it an important consideration. Eventually, you’ll find that the healthiest pillow choice is also the most comfortable for your head and neck in the long run.

While a bad pillow choice won’t cause you any real injuries, it can exasperate existing conditions and make them quite severe. People who suffer from sore necks, headaches, sneezing, and arm numbness will find these conditions become increasingly worse with the wrong choice of pillow.

Enjoying in Comfortable Pillow

For those who sleep on their back, a thinner pillow is ideal so that your head is not thrown forward. If you’re a side sleeper, opt for something firmer so that the space between your ear and shoulder is kept to a minimum. Finally, stomach sleepers should use an extremely thin pillow or none at all.

Pillows should be replaced at least every 18 months, as they are prone to harboring a range of questionable things. Dead skin cells, dust mites, mold, and fungus, can make up to half of your pillow’s weight if it’s past this age, according to a sleep expert on WebMD.

Using a Luxury Down Comforter

A typical comforter is a thick or fluffy blanket placed on a bed to keep you warm. A down comforter set is the most popular material, meaning it uses soft down feathers inside to help give it insulation and warmth.

However, there are many different types of comforters on the market so it can be hard to find the best bed comforter. The most important thing to look for is the quality and quantity of down used within the quilt, as this will vary greatly and have a huge impact on the overall feel. Nothing less than 100% down should be used, so be sure to avoid artificial fillers or hard feathers inside your blanket.

Side View of Down Comforter

The best comforters sets with this down will have the unique ability to be used at all times of the year, and some offer the chance to connect more than one quilt together to make them extra warm for winter months. This is ideal, as it means you won’t need to purchase any additional bedding ever.

Finally, select quality down that promotes itself as hypoallergenic, as not all down will have these qualities. As our bedding is notorious for collecting harmful allergens such as dust mites, it’s crucial to keep these as free from our airways and skin as possible.

Selecting the Right Mattress for You

Another important purchase for the best bedding is your mattress, which again should be tailored to meet your specific body type. Some people like to sleep on a firm bed, where others prefer something softer, so you’ll need to experiment with different bases before deciding which one is right for you.

If you’ve ever gone to a bed store before, you know how daunting the selection can be. Keep in mind that a good mattress should last you many years, so it’s worth putting in a bit of time and money for something that will help you get the best sleep possible.

According to The Better Sleep Council, there are a few things to do before buying your mattress. Decide on your budget first, as this can be an expensive process, so you’ll need to know where you stand before you start shopping.

High End Mattress

Choose a store you can trust, and let the salesperson guide you through the different types of mattresses. Before heading in, do some research so you can be clear on what you want, and don’t forget to test-drive them in the store.

Provided you are taking good care of your mattress, it should be able to last you over 10 years. However, these household items are known to harbor different germs and allergens which can be harmful to your health. According to Huffington Post, you should flip your mattress every 6 months and have it professionally cleaned once a year for good measure.

How Quality Sheets Can Help You Rest

There’s no denying the amazing feeling of sleeping on a freshly made bed with clean sheets, and how this simple task can increase your comfort level incredibly. Choosing the right bed sheets and keeping them clean are crucial for a peaceful rest, as well as important for your health.

Sheet sets are generally advertised in terms of their thread count, and the higher the count the more luxurious. You should always opt for 100% cotton in your sheets as anything else may have difficulty breathing and can leave you feeling uncomfortable at night.

If you don’t think you can keep on top of a sheet cleaning schedule, make sure you purchase two sets so that you can have one ready to go when it’s time to wash. Keeping your sheets regularly cleaned will make your bed more healthy and inviting, and allow you to get a better night’s sleep.

A hygiene expert from Men’s Health Magazine recommends washing your sheets at least once a week in hot water to help remove bacteria and traces of dead skin. Consider that you sleep in your sheets eight hours a night, so liken this to wearing the same clothes for this amount of time to see how important it is to keep them clean.

How to Decorate Your Room to Enhance Sleep

Our bedrooms are meant to be a personal oasis, a haven where we can retire to at the end of a hard day to unwind. However, if your bedroom isn’t set out correctly you could be failing to achieve this relaxing feel in your home and setting yourself up for a bad sleep from the start.

Here are a few areas to consider when planning your bedroom layout, according to the experts at The Better Sleep Council:


This doesn’t refer to the actual taste of your bedroom, but more the visual appeal and style choices. A bedroom that is poorly organized or cluttered with décor isn’t going to feel like a haven, so you’ll need to minimize as much as possible. The ultimate goal with your bedroom is to feel as though this is your favorite place on earth and be happy to wake up to it each morning and lay your head there at night.

Stylish Bedroom


Everyone has their own unique smell, and the same can be said for our homes. Smells are responsible for stirring a range of emotions within us, so it makes sense that your bedroom should smell amazing. Keep it aired out with fresh breezes as much as you can, and use a laundry detergent that really invigorates you. Consider an oil burner or another form of aromatherapy to spread some calming scents through your room, such as lavender.


Relating to your bedding overall, the touch and feel of everything in your bedroom should give you comfort. This is where the crucial bedding options selected above come into play to ensure you a decent sleep. Your mattress, pillows, sheets, and comforter should all be personally selected by you to give you the most comfort, without settling for anything less, and these should be regularly cleaned.


Light plays a huge part in our ability to sleep, and each person has their own preference for how much light is enough. For many, a pitch black room is best, so things such as cell phones, alarm clocks, or light from under the door can prevent you from achieving a good sleep. Likewise, your window may need to be covered if you find that the sun creeping in each morning is causing you to rise earlier than you would like.

Setting the Right Temperature for Your Room

Once you have the best bedding choices in place, you can now focus on getting the other areas of your bedroom at the ideal levels for sleep. Temperature plays a major role in helping us drift off, so ensuring your room is a comfortable level can be just as important as your bedding choices.

Smart Thermostat

Experts recommend a temperature of around 65 degrees for sleep, which should leave you feeling a little cool without your comforter. As we fall asleep, our body temperature lowers to help us relax and this stays regulated throughout the night.

Those in warmer or colder climates may find it hard to reach this ideal temperature, so their bedding choices will come into play again here. Always select a luxury down comforter, as this product is known for its unique ability to insulate and keep you warm in winter, but also work as a lightweight material form hotter months.

Sleep Problems Associated with Poor Bedding

A lack of sleep will be felt instantly by your mind and body, and for many the cause of their sleep disruptions can be fixed with some simple best bedding choices. Without the best comforter set, a quality pillow, firm mattress, and cozy sheets, you’ll likely find yourself prone to some of these issues.

Neck and Back Problems

A stiff or strained neck is not necessarily caused by your bedding choices, but it can certainly be exasperated by them. If you already suffer from problems with your back or neck, the worst thing you can do for your recovery is to sleep on a mattress or pillow that doesn’t suit your body type. Sore necks and backs can lead to other issues such as headaches, vision problems, and lethargy, so it’s crucial to pay attention to this area.

Back Pain Caused By Bad Sleep

Hay Fever and Other Allergies

Our beds are notorious for housing a whole range of allergens, including dust mites, dust, and other bacteria. These are able to cling onto our bedding, and when unwashed or cared for can cause us many different allergic reactions. Sneezing, wheezing, irritated eyes or coughing are just a few ways in which the body reacts to allergens, and it can interrupt your rest throughout the night.

Irritated Skin

If you have sensitive skin, extra precaution needs to be taken in the covers you choose for your comforter or the sheet set you purchase. Always opt for 100% cotton for the smoothest feel, and utilize a sensitive and hypoallergenic laundry detergent if you feel your skin becomes irritated from your bedding.

Too Hot or Too Cold

Temperature plays a crucial role in helping us sleep, so having the incorrect bedding to meet changing temperatures can cause a definite lack of sleep. Select a comforter that has the ability to double up in winter, but one made from quality down so that it’s breathable and lightweight in summer.

Too Hot To Sleep

Finding the best bedding is not only crucial for your comfort levels, but also your health, and considering we spend a third of our lives in bed it’s essential to find products that work for you.

Keeping Your Bedding Clean

Just as important as selecting the best quality bedding for your needs is keeping it cleaned and maintained throughout its life. As our beds are known to harbor many unpleasant bacteria, germs, and random particles we need to keep them hygienic and clean so that they can assist us in a healthy sleep each night.

Your pillows should be changed every 18 months at the most, and the pillowcases washed when you do a regular clean with your bedsheets. For the most hygienic sleeping environment, wash your sheets and pillowcases once a week in a hot water temperature.

The best comforters sets should have the ability to be washed in your own machine at home without doing them any damage. Comforters only need to be cleaned every few years, but should be aired out a few times a year on your clothesline to help remove dust and germs.

Finally, your mattress should receive a deep clean once a year which involves vacuuming, deodorizing, and removing stains. By flipping it once every six months you can give yourself some time in between cleans, provided you keep your sheets washed and use a mattress protector.

How Much Sleep Should You be Getting Each Night?

Now that you have your bedroom set up with the best bedding, correct temperature, and ideal smell and light, try to work on a sleep schedule that will suit your needs. Experts at The Sleep Foundation recommend between seven to nine hours of sleep per night for the average adult to ensure they are well rested.

As we get older our need for sleep decreases, but if you find yourself resting for below this recommended level you will likely feel the instant impact of this. To work out your sleep schedule, set a time which you would like to wake up at each morning so you can perform all of your morning duties as required.

Age Sleep Requirments

Work backward from this, and ensure you are in bed and asleep by the recommended time. While it may sound easy, setting yourself a good bedtime and sleep schedule can take some work, so be patient with the process.

With the right bedding choices and configuration in your bedroom, you should find it a lot easier to fall asleep than before. However, if you find that there are still sleep disruptions occurring either physically or mentally, you can try a range of natural remedies before speaking to a health professional.

Making Your Bedding Work for You

Choosing the best bedding doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult to do, with a little bit of planning and research you’re able to achieve your very own personal oasis at home and make bedtime something you look forward to each day.

Simple choices such as your comforter set, pillows, mattress, and sheets, can work wonders in providing you with the building blocks for a good night’s sleep. Keeping these clean and maintained can give them years of life, and also help to prevent nasty allergies and diseases that can come from your home.

With a comfortable bedding configuration, you’ll find it easier to relax each night and will undoubtedly feel more rejuvenated each morning. Why not give your bedroom a well-deserved makeover and begin to feel the instant effects that a good night’s sleep can have on your body and mind.

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