The all-season capable smart choice in luxurious bedding, that simultaneously accommodates a “hot” and “cold” sleeper under the same comforter

Benefits of the DreamTek Sleep System

Versatile Smart Snap System

Purchase two and snap them together for dual-layers.

Machine Washable Durability

Easily clean the DreamTek in your own washing machine. Not required to take to the dry cleaners.

Hypo-Allergenic Down

Thoroughly washed in the Hypo-Cycle process achieving Hypo-Allergenic Down qualities.

“Leak Proof” Soft Cambric Cotton Shell

Made from 100% Cambric Cotton in a Durable, but Soft 300 Thread Count, that keeps your down in your comforter, where it belongs.

The Blanket for Every Couple

Pairing The Blankets

Accommodating a couple where one prefers a warmer blanket

Option 1

One DreamTek (a single layer) is the perfect Summer sleeper on its own. Made from all natural breathable materials providing relief for many who either “overheat” and or live in warmer climates. No more hot clammy night sweats. Many find that one DreamTek although a thin Summer layer is also warm enough for the whole year, Thanks to the natural temperature regulating features of Down.

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Option 2

Every DreamTek is assembled with an exclusive “smart snap system” along the outer edges, so with a 2nd DreamTek purchase simply snap a like sized DreamTek comforter over the 1st DreamTek for Dual layered winter warmth.

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Option 3

Twin over a King: Do one of you have cold feet while the other overheats? Then snap a Twin over a King, but only over the side of the “cold” sleeper so only they have dual layer warmth. While the “hot” sleeper’s side stays a single layer. And all the while you are still under the same comforter…..Simply brilliant, right?

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Option 4

Twin over a Queen The same benefits as option 3 will work for a twin over a Queen. To maintain half of the queen as a single layer , the twin will overhang one of the queens side edges by 19″ (which will now require a King duvet cover).

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DreamTek Luxurious Pure Down Comforter a Light Weight Summer Layer, California Long, Hypoallergenic, assembled with Smart Snap System for All User and All-Season Flexibility

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Create Your Own Winter Comforter

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The adjustable blanket for every season

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    Winter Comforter

    The DreamTek is the perfect summer sleeper on its own, but it can also snap to a 2nd comforter of its kind to create your WINTER COMFORTER!!

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    Only Soft Cotton

    The DreamTek is a light weight sateen soft 100% cambric cotton shell comforter filled w/ 17oz of real luxurious HYPO-ALLERGENIC down, 14oz in the Queen, & 10oz in the Twin.

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    Flexible Temperatures

    The most ingenious part of the DreamTek is that, with a second purchase of the DreamTek, you can easily snap one on top of the other to make a warmer/winter weight comforter. And to accommodate the couple where one prefers a warmer blanket then just snap on that “colder” sleepers side a twin for more warmth.